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Wellness Enterprises, LLC                          Professional Personal Chef Ana Cecere 862.219.8706                                                                anacecere@yahoo.com                                                                anacecere@yahoo.com                                                                                  anacecere@yahoo.com

862.219.8706                                    anacecere@yahoo.com

Long Valley, NJ  123.456.7890

Healthy Meals For Busy People

Ana Cecere is a Professional Personal Chef and Owner of Wellness Enterprises, LLC.  Ana is a premier member of the United States Personal Chef Association. Ana’s passion is healthful cooking, and she uses only the best quality, organic, locally grown, in season ingredients available.  She specializes in a number of healthful cooking specialties, including gluten-free, raw foods, macrobiotics, vegetarian, and alkaline diets.  In addition, Ana prepares traditional foods. She has always been passionate about foods, especially healthy foods. Ana has attended several seminars related to health and nutrition, including Dr. Andrew Weil's seminar in NYC in 2006. She was one of only hundreds of chefs nationwide in attendance at First Lady Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move To Schools conference for chefs at the White House Garden in June of 2010. She consults with a nutritionist to provide the most beneficial foods for each client’s individual health needs. Cooking is a hobby and a way of channeling her creativity. She has a strong desire to share her knowledge on healthy eating and food preparation with you. Ana Cecere enjoys preparing healthy meals for busy people.  Let Chef Ana buy the ingredients and prepare your meals in your own house at your convenience.

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